Applied Biosystems™ RapidHIT™ ID System

The Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System is a fast and simple-to-use instrument that produces trusted lab-quality forensic DNA profiles in 90 minutes. The system integrates sample preparation and capillary electrophoresis to generate DNA profiles that are aggregated within Applied Biosystems RapidLINK Software for direct upload to the database of choice or for further review and analysis.

The RapidHIT ID System delivers the reliable, reproducible, high-quality data you have come to expect from the Applied Biosystems brand. This system is for use with Applied Biosystems RapidLINK Software v1.0 and its v1.0 applications.

Features of the Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System include:
• Fast 90-minute system run time
• 1-minute hands-on time with integrated sample cartridge
• Consumables tracking through radio frequency identification (RFID)
• Intuitive touchscreen interface
• Facial recognition and barcode camera
• Fingerprint reader
• Up to six months of on-instrument time for the primary cartridge with refrigeration mechanism
• Expert system-capable
• Sample/data accessioning workflow-capable