Flexible Containtment Solution

Sentinel Clear PAPR System

ILC Dover’s Sentinel  Clear Hood, combined with its XE Blower, is a best in class powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) that delivers a TH3 level of protection-the highest level available under EN 12941. Our Clear Hood solutions are superior when compared to other PAPR facepieces and hoods. they offer full 320 degree field of view, allow the wearer to have facial hair and/or head covering, and reduce feelings of claustrophobia. when paired with our lithium polymer battery, the XE blower weighs just 1 kg and delivers 220 LPM airflow for a full 12 hours.

Containment Isolators

Flexible containment isolators, also known as glove bags, for safe and efficient pharma and biopharma processing in high containment.

soloLAB™ Pop-Up Benchtop Isolator

soloFLEX Benchtop Isolator

soloPURE™ Flexible Aseptic Isolator

soloVERSO™ Plug-and-Play Isolators

soloADC™ Disposable Containment System

Powder Containment Solution


PowderFlo-CB™ is a single opening bag combining a cost
effective 2D bag design with the strength and durability of
ArmorFlex 114

5-year shelf life (2-year shelf life when gamma irradiated).
High tensile and tear strength.
Manufactured in an ISO8 environment.
Option to add-on gamma irradiation.
Available size include 10L, 15L, 25L, and 40L.
Utilizes strong, puncture resistant ILC Dover films.

DoverPac® SF

DoverPac® SF is a global premier product for disposable
pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processes.

Applications : Media & Buffer Prep for Dry Powder, Excipients, Filter, Aids,
High-Value Drug Substance, Powder Storage & Transfer, cGMP Processing.
99.5% Product Recovery.
Complete Discharge.
Permanent antistatic allows for a 99.9% product recovery.
No Rinse or Cleaning.

EZ BioPac®

EZ BioPac® is the industry’s most efficient and effective
single-use powder transfer system.
Applications : Dry Powder, Media, Buffer Salts, Excipients, Filter Aids
High-Value Chemical Substance.
Low-residual, antistatic film ensures all product is removed from the bag.

JetMixer™ System

• Patented Venturi Nozzle, accelerated jet introduces powder into the liquid
stream without clumping, shearing, or heating.
• No shear forces exerted on the powder and insignificant product heating,
preserving the powder’s properties.
• Particle-by-particle introduction of powder via strong vacuum helps
viiprevent bridging and improves mixing.
• JetMixer™ can handle operating viscosities ranging from 1 cP to 20,000 cP.
• Design makes it easy to meet WIP/CIP (wash-in-place) /(clean-in-place)