Slope Spectroscopy Solution

What is Slope Spectroscopy?

The SoloVPE System enables users to quickly and easily measure the absorbance of a sample at various pathlengths. During operation, the pathlength is defined by the distance between the tip of the light delivering Fibrette® and the bottom interior of the sample vessel. The pathlength is dynamically controlled by integrated hardware and software, precisely moving the Fibrette up and down through the sample. The SoloVPE software also includes useful data-analysis tools for both traditional and Slope Spectroscopy methods.


CTech™ SoloVPE® System

  • No Dilutions
    Measure highly concentrated samples directly without dilution.
  • Eliminate Background Correction
    Buffer/ background correction only required in special circumstances.
  • Reduce Sample Prep
    Direct measurements of highly concentrated samples saves time and consumables.
  • Rapid Results
    Concentration results in about one minute.
  • Low Sample Volume
    Method and sample vessel dependent ranging from <20 μl to 2 ml can be reclaimed.
  • Platform Technology
    Confidently work system-to-system with +/- 2% repeatability.

CTech™ FlowVPE® System

  • Immediate Data
    Immediate data without sending samples to other labs for analysis
  • Actionable Data
    Actionable data to allow for quicker process understanding and design of experiments
  • Reduce Time
    Reduce time needed for process development
  • Easy transfer
    Easy transfer to later stage processes in Pilot or GMP
  • No More Sampling
    No more long, hold steps for A280 (up to eight hours)
  • Multiple Drug Modalities
    Proteins, DNA, Vaccines, AAV